5 Coolest Android Accessories

In this post i am going to show you top 5 coolest android Accessories which might help you to fulfill your needs.

  1. Multi Function Micro-USB to OTG

    Multi Function Micro-USB to OTG

Yes you heard it right its multi function OTG by iKross through which you can connect USB and SD memory card. It has a switch so that you can switch from USB to SD reader. But the cons is that it does not support multi card at once.

IKross Multi Characteristic Micro USB Product Feature:

  • It is used to connect USB 2.0 and SD Memory Card Reader
  • No installation required
  • It can support 4 memory card slot : SD, MicroSD, MS & M2
  • It support Android 4.0 and above.
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  1. Multi-Function Bluetooth Speakers

    Multi-Function Bluetooth Speakers

If you music lover then all you need is this multi-function speaker that can do all your needs, Yes it can do all such as :

  • It shows time and can be used as alarm clock.
  • Display temperature.
  • Support hand free call.
  • Support Wireless charging.
  • Support NFC.

It also has Aux. and its wooden finished makes it more attractive an cool. Its also support 3.5mm audio output, audio cable which can be connected to MP3 or computer.

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  1. Smart Wallet

    mart Wallet

This one for the people like me who loose there wallet quite often. This smart wallet will make sure that you don’t loose your wallet or phone. This wallet has Chipolo smart chip and works with Chipolo app on smartphone through Bluetooth. With this Chipolo app you can ring your wallet yes its has an ringer too. When you forget your wallet it notifies you with an notification on your phone. Even you can ring your phone by pressing a button on the right corner of your wallet. Using the same button you can take selfie also. Suppose if you loose both access to your phone and wallet the chipolo web client can help you to search your phone and wallet.


  1. Anti-spy Privacy Guard Screen Protectors

    Anti-spy Privacy Guard Screen Protectors

Hate when others peek into your phone. Well here Anti-spy Privacy Guard Screen Protectors comes into play. It is made of coating to make sure only the person in front of the device will be able to see the screen properly. A person viewing from an angle won’t be able to view your screen.

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  1. Bluetooth Car Kit

    Bluetooth Car Kit

Most cars this days come with Bluetooth audio system and there are some cars that lack in it. So in this case you can use Tantra Bluetooth car kit. You can connect 3.5mm jack to aux input of your car and to power it on you can connect USB connector to your car audio player. That’s it now you can connect your phone to it using Bluetooth. There are few control where you can accept or reject call, play or pause music.

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  1. iMusic Speaker Pillow

    iMusic Speaker Pillow

Well if you cannot sleep without music then this pillow is right for you. It has build in speaker which plays music in a peaceful way so that you can have a peaceful sleep.

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Do let us know what you think about this coolest accessories by commenting below.

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