5 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your Android Smartphone

Hey guys, today I am going to share the 5 things that you might be doing wrong on your android devices.

So without further ado let’s start.


  • Killing Apps Manually or Using Task Killers

    andorid multitasking

Android is very capable device when it comes to multitasking. Like a desktop platform android lest you run multiple application at a same time and you can switch between task without letting it to invoke again however most people tend to clear apps from multitask interface in need to speed up there android device. Well that’s not how it works. Infect it does its opposite android is very good in managing apps. So when you have many apps opened in the background and there is shortage of RAM then it automatically closes the that you haven’t used it for long time. On there hand when you kill the app manually or use task killer app then the app is slow to launch it again plus it uses addition resources that will make you phone slow and draining your battery.


  • Using Anti-virus Apps


Do antivirus apps on android devices do anything? Well I don’t think it’s necessary Google bring all the necessary security update on android devices as well as cloud. Google play services in android has various scanning services as well as security services making sure that all the android devices are safe from unwanted potential apps and risk. Infect all the antivirus app developer knows this things so they come up with additional services like anti-theft protection.


  • Not Checking App Permissions


There are several apps that take unnecessary app permission so permission do make sense but there are many permission like telephone, phone sate, messages etc. that you should know. While there are many unnecessary app that take up unnecessary permission even popular app do so.


  • Using Cache Clearing Apps

    clean cache

Android lets you manually clear cache of apps. When you download the apps that promises to free your storage well its does it by clearing the cache of the apps again this is not good. Cache feature of the app is the most regular used data of the app to make sure it loads faster and already gave some content to show you open it up.


  • Installing Apps from Unknown Sources

The ability of installing apk on android is very handy. This lets you to download the apps that is not available for your device or in your country. This flexibility of android is resulted in piracy and security issues in android. Android apk can be easily taped with malicious code and this apps feel like the same as the app rolling but might access personal data. So make sure that you install apps from play store only.


  • Using Sensor Based Apps

There are many apps that uses sensor to give you some great functionality but not everything is great about it since they consume lots of battery power.


Do lets us know what you think about it. In the comment section below. Will be great to hear from you.

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