Tutorial on How to Implement Android Chart

You might need android chart in your android application to show some stats on your android application. Such as voting etc. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to add android chart in our android application. Without further ado lets start with it.

So first thing first we have to add dependency in our gradle.app. Add the below line in it.

After that add the following repositories in gradle.module.

Now all we have to do is sync our project. So that the dependency are added in our project.


Building android application.

  • Creating user interface.

Building our android user interface. Now add the following code. Which includes UI component of android chart.

  • Creating Application

Adding java code in our mainactivity.java we have to extend our activity with OnSeekBarChangeListener and  OnChartValueSelectedListener .

Now add the following setdata() function to set the android chart illustrator. It takes tow parameter. Count and range.

Now here is the full code for the Mainactivity.java.

That it guys our android chart illustrator is ready to go. If you have any question then please fill free to post your comments . Thank you.

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