5 New Android Games That Every Gamer Should Play

The hard ware on android devices is getting better and better. Games on android platform have hit new heights when it comes to game play and visuals. Plus there are great game that are coming to android play store every month. So how you decide which one to play.

Today I am going to talk about the latest android that you should be playing. We are including all types of games and all of this game are free.


The first up is Battle Bay. It’s from Rovio the company behind very popular angry bird game. This the game that you will defiantly love. It’s real time multiplayer arena game where you can take a ship add guns to it and go crazy against the live opponents in 5 on 5. There are different ships that you can chose from like the inforcer, defender and etc. and you can choose from different weapons, armor and abilities so that you can better blow up you opponents. And trust me blowing up enemies is lot of fun. All thanks for the awesome controls.

One more jump is simple platform that requires tap to jump and avoid postictal the control are easy as you just have to tap. But the levels do become more and more difficult. This games requires perfect jump to collect diamonds. It has more the 70 hand crafted levels with new levels are being added every month which is endless fun game. The game must be casual but it is very addictive.

This one for all the RPG action fan out there. This is the heavy game out there. And the action here is amazing. In the game you play as the island savior. Who has to protect world from demons. The game has the store line and the game compact is designed for mobiles and well it’s noticeable because it’s good. You have to swipe to perform various combos and attacks. Also another thing to note here is that the graphics are awesome.

If you like Injustice God among us then you are going to love Injustice 2. Which brings turn of character and more. Along with your favorite DC superheroes and super villains. In this game the fighting mechanism are awesome. You can attack you opponents with jump moves and execute super moves depending upon your character you are playing. When it comes to modes you can either go for 3 on 3 arena fight or you can go for story line fight. It has an awesome graphics. And do note that game might look slight sluggy under powered devices.

This game gives you a cab and cabby and you need to build a list of cap to become a taxi tycoon. The need to tap. The more ride you take the more money you make. Well you will find the game point less at the start. Once you get going with you cap you will find this game more addictive. You have to hire cabby and matching your driver with their favorite cab gives you bonus.

Do let us know what do you think about this games in the comments section below.



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