5 Android Libraries That Every Developer Should Know

There are many third-party android libraries that are can be used in your project to support a feature that you want. You can add this type of (third-party library) by adding link in the Gradle file of android project.

Now I am going to show you top 5 android libraries that you can add in your project to suit your need.

The Top 5 Android Libraries

Following are the top 5 android library:

  • Gson

You can add this library by adding the below line.

Gson is a Java library that can be used to convert Java object into their JSON representation. It can also perform reverse operation that is it can convert JSON string into equivalent Java Object.

Gson gives two simple function ie toJson() and fromJson() that converts Java object to JSON and vice-versa. This is built by Google.

  • Retrofit

Retrofit is a type-safe REST FULL client for android build by Square. The library provides a powerful framework for authentication and integration with APIs and sending network request with okHttp amd Volley by Google.

This library makes downloading JSON or XML data from a web API fairly straightforward. Once the data is downloading then it is parsed into plain old java object called POJO which must be defined for each resource in the response.

  • Otto

Otto is great way to communicate between your activity and fragment or to communicate between an activity and a service. This library adds unique functionality to an already refined events bus as well as specializing it to the android platform.

  • Realm

The main feature in Using realm is that it is more faster then Android SQLite. Relam is mobile database that runs inside the phones. This repository hols the source code for the java version of realm, which currently runs only on Android.

  • Universal Image Loader

The main and important task in android is to load images and cache them so that it does not make an sever request to load the image again. UIL aims to provide a powerful, flexible and highly customizable instrument to load, cache and display images. It provides a lot of configuration options and good control over the images loading and caching process. This library stand 1st on GitHub.



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