Android Shortcuts You Did Not Know About

Success has no shortcuts but android certainly has shortcuts and a lot of them. Today I am going to list some android shortcuts that you can use to seed up things in android.


  • Check Notification History

Ever dismissed any important notification accidently? Well we have all been there, thankfully we can check all our notification with a simple shortcut.

To add the shortcut press hold on the home screen – Tap on widgets – scroll down the widgets page and find setting shortcut – then select Notification log from the various shortcut available to you – notification log will be created – now tap on the notification log to see all your current and previous notification.


  •  Launch Camera with Power Button

There are times when you want to capture pics quickly. However it might be difficult to launch camera in some situation. Well android 6.0 and higher version lets you to launch camera just by pressing power lock button. If you are running 7.1 version then you can just go ahead to setting – Moves – Here just enable the option – Jump to camera.


  • Reply to Messages from Notification Center

We text a lot and no doubt about it. Switching between two messenger app to reply messages can be bit difficult. Well what it you can reply massages from the notification center. You can do this from the third party app called quick reply. After you have setup the app. The notification messages will have three buttons “Replay”, “Direct” and “Read”. And it looks identical to Android N implementation. This app works with all the messaging app along with gmail and stock SMS app.


  • Switch Apps Faster

If you are the someone who loves to multitask. But you know switching between app is very difficult thankfully on android 7.0 you can just double tab on the recent button to switch between current and previous app. If you are running the lower version of android OS then you can use Last switcher app to switch between apps.


  • Unlock your phone faster

To unlock your phone it might take some amount of time. If you have lock enable and that can be problematic when you are in hurry. If you home have figure print scanner then you can unlock your phone faster. If you don’t have a figure print scanner then no worries. All thanks thank’s the smart lock. One you enable smart lock from the setting you can set trusted devices like chrome book or your android smart ware.


These are the shortcuts that might help you to faster you speed on Android smartphones. If you think we have missed some shortcuts then do comment below and we would love to list it up here.

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