Cool Google Assistant Tricks You Should Know

When google launched its Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphone one of the main talking point was Google Assistance. The AI interface that you can have conversation with. As it turned of Google Assistance was way better than any smartphone in the market. And now is been made available in Marshmallow and higher version. So now let’s talk about the some coolest tricks in Google Assistant.


  • Unlock Your Phone with Google Assistant


Unlocking your phone can be pain if you have a complicated password set up. Thankfully you can use google assistance hot keyword to unlock your phone. To unlock your phone you have to say “Ok Google” and your phone will be unlocked. Don’t worry it will only recognized your voice.

You can set this up in security > smart Lock.


  • Get Google Assistant to Remember Things

    google reminder

When you are leaving from your house you tend to forget things that are useful in your trip. You can ask google to remind the things that you have told google to remember for you.

For example. You can tell to remember the keys that you kept on table. And google will remind you about this. If you ask google on the lines of where is my key then Google Assistant will reply back with note. If you want to delete all the notes then say “Forget all”.


  • See Messages and Emails


Google Assistance will also show you unread text messages on your phone. You can reply them directly with Google Assistance itself. Just say “Show me my messages” then it will list all the unread messages.

Google Assistance can also show you your emails under the keyword of “Show me my emails”. It will open up your email. Tapping on your email it will open up your email in Gmail app.


  • Take a Selfie


While smiling reaching out for camera button is bit difficult. Now Google Assistant can help you to take a selfie. Now you don’t need to click on shutter button to take a selfie. Only you have to say is that “Take a selfie” then it will start 3 second count down to take a selfie.


  • See Your Photos

People using google photos can use Google Assistance to check your pics and even can get updates of specific event and subjects. You can say “Show me my photos” its shows the photos stored in google photos. It can even show pics of subject for example just say “show dog photos” it will show all the dog photos stored in google photos.


  • It’s my Birthday!

    google birthday

This is the cool one we just have to say “It’s my birthday” it will show birthday wishes card and images with your name.

These are some cool Google Assistant Tricks which might help you. If you think you have some new trick that is not listed above then comment down below.

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