Design Custom TextView Design in Android

A TextView in Android shows text to the consumer and allows them to edit it.  A TextView is an entire text editor, no matter how the simple course is configured not to allow editing.

TextView is used to take input from user and process accordingly. So we must have good textview design. So to add those design we have to add the third party library. To add the library add the following code in Gradle build.

After adding that we have to add the following line in repositories.

You are ready now. Just sync your project so that the library is included in your project.

Building android application

  • User Interface  The main and importing thing in the android application is to build the best user interface. The below code is of activity_main.xml.
textview in android
textview in android
  • Adding Java CodeAfter building user interface we should link our UI in the  Using following code.
  • Adding ResourcesTo look even more better add the following style code in style.xml.

Now add the vector Image in drawable folder. Add the below code.

Add the string value in string.xml.

Note: Add Key icon and Location icon in drawable folder.

That it guys your custom textview is ready. Find the right one for you. If you have any question please do comment down below. Thank you.

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