Glide Image Loading Library.

Your android application looks much more cool and user friendly when you have some images on it. But what if those images takes time to load from sever and then after loading them in your app those images get clear from your imageview. Then this will be irritate the user so as they will have to load images again and again and hence leading to wastage of user data.

Here is the solution for it. All the it takes is installing an simple library in your application. This library is use to load images from server. The loading of these images it more faster so that user can see images in a second. This library helps to save the loaded images into phone memory so that can load again on invoking the same activity.

To include Glide Image Library into your project add the following code in build.gradle.

Creating User Interface

You need a simple layout with one imageview to load the image from URL.


Glide image loading

Building Android Application

  • Define the view Object in

  • Now define the URL of image and code to load the image into imageview.

  • Now you android application is ready. Use it in your case.

Glide image loading

That’s all my friends if you have any query regarding this project please do comment below I will be happy to help you.

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