Hidden Android Features That You Are Not Using

Every android update brings lot of new android feature. But are you really using them. There are many android feature that don’t get attention for which they deserve. So I am going to tell you some of the feature that you are not aware of.


  • Android Beam


Android Beam is one hidden gem in Android that not many people are not aware of and it’s been there since Android 4.2. Yes it’s been that long. It lets you to share videos photos etc. From one Android device to another using NFC and Bluetooth. So obviously your device does need to have any NFC for this to work, if it does then go ahead to settings and tap on wireless and network section then enable NFC and then enable Android Beam.

Will also have to enable it on the device you want to share data. Then just press the devices back to the other device which will pair the devices through NFC. Then just tap on the display to be whatever is on your screen. It is important to note that this only works if the other device is unlocked also make sure that the other device is on the home screen. Otherwise Android Beam gets confused on which device is sharing data. Android beam is totally handy feature if you just looking too quickly share picture YouTube video and app on the Play Store etc. With not recommended for large files.


  • Screen Pinning


Next up is the screen pinning feature that was introduced in Android lollipop this is a pretty and many people don’t know about it. When your friend ask for your phone to make a phone call after he is done with the call he starts messing with your phone and checking out private photos. It is annoying right?

Here screen pinning comes in handy screen pinning make sure that user stays on a single app. What is basically does is it pins the specific app on your phone which means a user can only use that particular app and will not be able to open any other App. Go back and recent button become unresponsive. To activate screen pinning go to settings security enable Screen pinning now just open the app you want to pin. Then tap on the recent button find a pin icons in the bottom right corner of the app card. Tap on the pin icon and app will be pinned. To unpin the app you just have to long press the back button.


  • Adoptable Storage


If you have a Smartphone that have 8 or 16 GB of internal storage. You know that’s not enough well you can insert an SD card if your device supports it. But that’s not a perfect solution considering not all apps can be installed in external storage even the app data is only saved in the internal storage.

Thankfully Android 6.0 introduced adoptable storage feature.  Which lets you format an external Micro SD card as internal storage. Before you do this make sure to back up the data from your SD card because it will be erased in the process. To do this first make sure SD card is inserted in the device. Then head to settings storage and USB find a card listed in the portable storage section tap on it and then hit on three dot menu button and then hit on settings. Here you will find option Format as internal tap on it then hit the format and erase button and the process will begin and if there is any date on the card you’ll get pop up saying that to move data now or late. Once the data is moved then your SD card will work as internal storage.


  • User Accounts


It is always a hassle when a single Android device is used by multiple people each person have their own online account. Thankfully android lets you create multiple user accounts or profile. Android Tablet had this feature on Android 4.2 but it only arrival on smartphone with Android 5.0 lollipop. Let’s see how you can add a new user account in your android device.

First go ahead to settings and then go to users here tap on user. Then tap on setup after which you will be taken to the new user account. We can add the account install app. Switch between users through quick can be done in the Notification Shade. If the user has set up a lock then you have to enter the pattern pin or password to the access account.


  • Smart Lock


Another security feature that you probably aren’t using on Android smartphone. It was introduced with Android 5.1 lollipop automatically unlock your phone when your device is around some trusted agent like your smart watch or in your house.

This is totally handy if you want your device to be unlocked in some specific situation go to settings then security and then security agent and enable Smart Lock. Set a trusted agents go to settings security and tap on Smart Lock. Here you’ll find all the options to setup different settings like places, devices, voice etc. Just set up a trusted and your device should be automatically unlock when it is in the proximity of the agent.


Do let us know what do you think about this hidden feature by commenting below. We would love to hear from you’ll.

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