How To Design Ticket View User Interface in Android

Hey guys, In this tutorial we are going to learn how to design ticket view user interface in android. Ticket view in android will be useful  in the case where your application deals with movies ticket book where one can book his/her ticket online and in he/she gets a ticket view just to confirm that his/her ticket is booked. This is the same case in booking of bus tickets.

To build this application is very simple the thing is that you just have to design your ticket base user interface.  Then in that base you can add your own UI elements just to suit your needs. To add the ticket base we have to add the denpendency. Just like bookmyshow android application now you can create ticket view in your own application. To build your own ticket view just follow the below quick steps.

Now add this below dependency in your project and sync it so that newly added library is add in your project.

Building Our Android Application

  • The main thing in ticket view is that the base ticket view. Now let’s create our UI base.

  • Now just add some dummy data in our ticket view base. Will design flight ticket.

    Design Ticket View in android

  • Now add your string data in string.xml.

  • Now add the background xml in drawable folder which are listed below .
  • First add the background pattern by adding bg_pattern.xml in drawable folder.

  • Add the bottom view by adding bg_ticket_bottom.xml in drawable folder.

  • Now add the top background by adding bg_ticket_top.xml in drawable folder.

  • This view is optional this view draws a line i.e separator you can add divider_container.xml in drawable folder.

  • Please add QR code image and background image of your choose.
  • Now biding your android xml to java class.


That’s it guys your android ticket View is ready or you can customize with your needs. If you have any query the please do comment down below. Thank you 🙂 …

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  1. To Add Dependency

    Step 1. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:
    allprojects {
    repositories {

    maven { url ‘’ }
    Step 2. Add the dependency
    compile ‘com.github.mreram:ticketview:1.0.0’

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