How to Implement Sticky Scroll View in Android

Hello, guys welcome to our new tutorial that is on how to implement scrollview in android.

When we are designing new android application for example you are designing an user interface to upload user profile picture along with the user information. In such case you need submit button to be on the screen throughout. So  in this case we have something called sticky scrollview.

This sticky scrollview is a simple UI component . Here you can set which item to stick on the scrollview. So to start with we have to include third party library.

Add the above line the repository of app.

After that add the dependency in gradle and sync the project. So that it is included in our project.

Building android application

  • Creating user interface

    Add the StickyScrollView in xml layout file. In StickyScrollView we have to add our components.


    Sticky scrollView android Sticky scrollView

  • Here we are using stickyFooter tag to stick button layout to the bottom of the view.
  • Creating Android Application

To link our view to user we have to set our layout in java file. So let’s do that.

That’s it guys our sticky ScrollView is ready. If you have any query then please feel free to comment down below. Thank you.

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