How to Select Multiple Photos in Android

Hey guys, in this tutorial we are going to learn how to select multiple photos from gallery. We need to select multiple photos from gallery since its very difficult to select single photos plus its time consuming. So in this case we need multiple photo selection.

Imagine we have to select hundred photos from gallery by using this method that is by selecting multiple photos we can save our time. To build this app we have to follow some simple steps. So with out further ado lets get started.

To start with this method we have to add the multiple photo selection library in our dependency. To do that we have to add the below line.

After adding that sync the project so that our library is included in our project.

And add the below line in repositories.

Building android application

  • Building user interface for your application just add the following code in your xml file. This file consist of one Button and three image view to display selected images.

    android image picker

  • After adding xml we have to connect our xml file to java class. So let’s connect our user interface.

  • Now lets connect our app to our gallery. To do that we have to add the below lines of code. Here you set number of photos to be selected I have chosen 3. You can add your choice.

  • After selection images the have to set it on the respective image view we can catch the selected images in onActivityResult() Which looks like this.

  • Lets combine the code in one java class.

  • Now in AndroidManifest .xml we have the give permission to the library activity to access our photo gallery.


That’s it guys we have create our multi photo select app in android. If you have any query the do comment down below and we will be happy to help you. Thank you 🙂  ..

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