How to Implement Deep linking in Android

Hello, Welcome to our new tutorial on Deep linking in android. In this tutorial we will see what is deep linking and where to use it.

In android application we might have to navigate on some specific activity and show some data on it. We can pass data within the URL  and we can catch it in the activity and then do some operation with it. So let’s start with it.

Deep linking can be using where we want to send data for example if we want to send USER_ID we can send that as a URL parameter.

Building your android application.

  • Add need category, action and data in intent filter of activity. Which looks like as below.

  • Adding layout file of mainActivity with a simple text view. This layout is use in both the activity.

  • Adding as a dummy start class.

  • Adding as deep linking class which invokes when URI is clicked.


How to test Deep linking

To test deep linking find terminal console at the bottom of the android studio. Navigate to your sdk/platform-tools and add the following command followed by android package.

deeplinking in android

That it guys our deep linking in android is ready. If you have any query then please feel free to comment down below. Thank you.

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