Include Zxing QR Code scanner android in your Application

In today’s application like bookmyshow, whatsapp etc. are using QR code scanner to scan your ticket or to sync your data to desktop in case of whatsapp. So in this tutorial we are going to learn how to include QR code scanner android in our application. Without further ado let’s start with its implementation.

To build QR code scanner android we have to compile dependency you can do it by pasting the below code in .

After that just sync your project so that your complied dependency is included in your project.


Building Your Application

To build app with QR code scanner android is simple is that. Just flow my steps.

  • Creating Java Class

Create a java class and implement it to the QR code scanner method.

Then create variable for scanner and declare it in OnCreate and the set it in setContentView.

  • Implementing Methods

Implement the scanner method for deal with scan result .

In this method we can catch the result and handle as per our need. Below code snippet  shows the  full code.

That’s it guys now your QR code scanner android is ready to deploy. If you have any query then please free to comment down below.

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