Miss Call Verification On Android Tutorial

Hey guys today in this tutorial I am going to show you how to verify users number with miss call verification technique. If we are designing an android app which requires user authenticated phone number then we need to verify the user phone number so that user does not provide fake number at the time of registration. In this tutorial we are going to use Cognalys.

To use Cognalys we have to register our app. Just follow the step to get the key.

  • Click on android application tab. As you can see from the below image.android miss call
  • Now fill the form and click on submit. As shown from the below image.android miss call form
  • After that we will get a pop up with key ID. You have to use this key in your android app.                                miss call key

Building Application

Now we have to add the cognalys.jar file into libs folder. You can find the jar file here.

You can find libs folder by going into project folder then find app folder then find libs folder. And paste the jar file. After that you have to add code line in Gradle.

  • Creating user interface

    Let’s create the UI for user so that he/she can enter they phone number. We will use one editText box to enter phone number and one button to verify phone number.


    miss call verification

  • Building Android Application.

    • To activate Cognalys we have to write one line of code in application calss.CallApplication.java


    • Now build the main app i.e coding editText box and button.


    • Now we have to handle the data send by Cognalys.


    • Now coding the full MainActivity.java with all the need functions.


    • Great!! Now our application to verify the phone number is ready to deploy.

If you have any query then comment down below and will be happy to help you.


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  1. I want to use this API, I tried to integrate too.
    But no one is responding to any mail and their pages are not updated since 2 years.

    Is this company still working or dead?

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