Mobile Gadgets Under 1000 INR You Can Buy

In today’s world of high end smartphones and expensive accessories you must be wondering that you can get anything worthwhile less then RS 1000 or $15. While we can prove you wrong. You can get some cool accessories in RS 1000.

  • PowerCube Socket Multiplier (RS 999)

    powercube adpter

PowerCube is the world smallest socket multiplier. PowerCube brings you 4 outlets and 2 USB ports. The power adapter has been designed in a way that your cable don’t get messy. So you can connect each plug to different side of PowerCube without blocking each other. I also like that fact that USB port are high power. So you need not worry about your device charging slowly. This sockets have shutter locks. If you are the one who have to charge many devise then this PowerCube is for you.

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  • Bluetooth Audio Receiver Adapter (Rs. 971)


If you have old speaker which are very good but lacks Bluetooth connectivity then we have just the right thing for you. This Bluetooth adapter from Tewtross turns any speaker to Bluetooth speaker. It has 3.5mm jack connector that you can connect to any speaker. Then turn on the adapter and now you own Bluetooth speaker. To play music you just have to pair your phone and you are done now you can play music. You can connect two devices with the adapter.

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  • Mpow In-Car Fm Transmitter Adapter (Rs. 999)


If you own very very old car that only has an fm player. I know you always wish to play music from your phone. Well Mpow adapter lets you to do the same. You can use it by connecting it to your phone and then setting unused frequency on your car player. This devise is battery power and last for 3 hours which is good for usual car travels.

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  • Mi In-Ear Basic Headphones (Rs. 599)

    In-ear Headphones Basic

Xiaomi is know for offering great products at affordable prices and Mi basic headphones are one of them. From its price tag it is something that I strongly recommend. There are many  headphones from this price range but xiaomi brings decent sound quality, comfort and mic. Which many headphones in this price range lack. Talking about comfort its surly comfortable in ears and it does not slip off too.

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  • 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader (Rs. 999)


If you work requires you to use memory card then is 4 in 1 OTG card reader is an useful thing. This card reader feature 4 connector. The lightning connector for iOS devices, type c connector, micro USB and USB connector.

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This are the top 5 Mobile Gadgets that you can buy under 1000 INR. If you think we have missed something then do comment down below and we will add it here.

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