Motorola’s RAZR is Coming as a $1,500 folding smartphone

The mythical Motorola RAZR may be making a comeback as a $1,500 foldable display smartphone, and it can start as soon as February, according to a brand new report from The Wall Street Journal.

motorola razr

The first RAZR was among the most iconic cellphones ever produced, and it would appear that Motorola’s parent firm Lenovo is seeking to profit on that branding using an upgraded foldable phone (like the one which Samsung has teased for after this season ).  Per the WSJ, the new RAZR will be exclusive to Verizon from the united states using a planned February launch, even though the unit is still in analyzing and specifics have yet to be finalized.

Also unknown is almost any concrete details regarding the telephone.  There is no word yet on things like display dimensions, specifications, or perhaps form variable.  Will the restored RAZR simply borrow the title however, use a more conventional picture folding screen?  Can Lenovo follow the first RAZR layout and have some kind of super long vertically folding display?

This is not the first time which the RAZR manufacturer has witnessed an attempted revival, either: in 2011 and 2012, Motorola also teamed up with Verizon (it appears to genuinely enjoy the RAZR title ) for a collection of Droid RAZR apparatus , which attempted to cash in on the goodwill of RAZR apparatus, albeit without any of their reverse phone design which was a part of their first charm.

motorola razr

Nevertheless, dragging older smartphone layouts to the current in upgraded forms is beginning to develop into a fad.  The HMD-owned iteration of Nokia has made a cottage industry of it using rereleases of the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110, but these instruments were supposed to be enjoyable, nostalgic novelties, maybe not flagship competitions.

As stated by the WSJ report, Lenovo is expecting to fabricate over 200,000 of their new RAZRs, which might appear optimistic to get a 1,500 luxury smartphone.  But considering the (admittedly much more economical ) RAZR V3 version sold 130 million units within its lifespan, when lightning will manage to attack twice, that purpose may not be quite as difficult to hit.

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