Tech Myths That You Should Stop Believing In

There are number of myths that are there and people think that this are true. So here are the some common myths.

  • Never Leave Battery Plugged In Overnight


When it comes to battery myths most myths are leftover from true facts from old days that do not apply to modern devices. Common myth about battery life is that if you leave you device over charge then it will harm the battery. This is not actually true because modem device are smart enough to don’t let this happen. For example if you leave toy phone for charging overnight and when the battery reaches its maximum capacity then the smartphone stops charging the battery and starts using the adapter as its main source of power supply.


  • More Megapixels = Better Camera


When it’s comes to buying a smartphone many people judge that camera by its mega pixel value. Actually it’s not incorrect that more the mega pixel is better. But the problem is that mega pixel is the not only a things that plays major role when it comes to camera. The quality of lens and sensor matters a lot. Infect higher mega pixel requires better lens and accurate sensor for a good quality image. If these things are not perfect then image quality will be poor.


  • More Bars means Better Service

    service bar

This is very common miss conception that many people will have. The number of bar displayed on the notification bar are not the quality of service.  However if a cellular has lot of user connect to it then you will find plenty of call drops even though there are more number of bars shown on your device. Similarly if the cellular tower has less phones connected to it then you will find better quality of calls even if the number of bar on your phone are less.


  • Free Services are Actually Free

Remember when you created your Facebook account.  The home page said that its free and always will be. But that’s not true at all. I am sorry to bust  your bubble but in this world nothing is free. Services like Facebook Gmail are said to be free but they are not actually free. This website display ads and I am sure that you must have seen them and earn revenue through that. They display this ads by using your personal data. Personal data means I mean Facebook uses your personal data to show you ads.


  • Refreshing Windows Makes it Faster


We have all the habit of pressing F5 to refresh windows in a hope that it will make our PC faster. This is not true at all. Pressing F5 on windows is nothing but to relocate the desktop and index changes again. It is use full when you have made changes in the file and the changes are not reflected in the folder. Modern windows are smart enough that they don’t not need refreshing for the changes to occur. But they are use full for network drive. Refreshing windows will never make your wind faster infect it will add more work for computer.


These are the some common tech myths. We would love to know what are the myths you have heard of. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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