Top Android Apps That Every Android User Should Use

This are android app that stand alone at the top in the chart. Here are the best top android app that you should use. To find the best app you need for web browser or a new game is very difficult since there are millions of apps on ply store and still counting.

Here are the some apps that you might like. So let’s go through the app.

Using this app you can cast your phone on you Pc/Laptop screen. Even you can connect it via USB cable. Such application can be used for presentation. This application is powerful and can be used to screen mirroring application to stream on Android and iOS to windows computer or Mac.


This app lets you to customize your navigation buttons. The plus point in this app is that it does not require rooted phone. With the few clicks you can customize your navigation buttons.


This app helps you to check your weather and it gives you detail information on weather. It has a decent user interface with look attractive. With is app you can also apply stylish widgets. It gives a perfect and accurate weather report.


Even though the latest android devices that the night mode. This app is useful for old devices or if you want the control over the night mood. You can have the blue light filter. It hleps to keeps screen on which is good for reading eBooks.


If you love a clean phone screen but still want widgets and app shortcuts. Well with this app you can have all your widgets and app shortcuts from the swipe on the right side of status bar. Even you can change the trigger area. After installation you have to choose all your favorite apps and widgets and you ready to go.


Do lets us know what do you think about this Android apps.

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